Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Limitless Boundaries

Everybody has a different sense of style, every single person is unique and has something about them that makes them special to everyone who knows them. As I have been watching each of the 4 fashion weeks go by I found myself feeling like i could be seeing a different version of the same show over and over again, with a few notable exceptions of course. Except for yesterday when i came across Manish Arora's fall collection it was like an explosion of passion it was bold, daring something different it screamed out to me it excited me i just wanted to see more creativity more thinking outside the box. I would love it if every designer could just break all the rules and shock me next season, but then we would lose the simple seeming yet amazingly detailed collections that we see, the must have classics that last a life time. I guess what I am trying to say is, every collection every piece every detail is just as unique as a person.
Back to Manish Arora I really want to share this very special and again this is how i feel it may not be to everyone's taste collection with you. I hope that it stirs some form of passion and creativity inside you as it did for me.

A truly magnificent work of art, a collection born from a brilliant mind that knows no limits.

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