Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Inspiration

Okay so it's officially summer in North Queensland, (even though technically it's still winter) so I can only imagine what summer is going to be like!!! This summer I'm looking for bold colours, print, but with a boho gypsy vibe. Channelling my inner Mary Kate Olsen & Nicole Richie.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I am so amazingly busy today & the internet is a bit dodgy (took me 2 hours to upload those 4 photos) so I don't really have time for a proper post. Here are 3 small tidbits.

1. It is SO hot even though it's still winter, it's time to bring out the bikini!! (reminder: start working out) here are a couple from seafolly that I love.

2. A gorgeous friend of mine Fen from back in Melbourne who coincendetly was the person who really got me interested in fashion, recently started her own blog and it is AMAZING! I highly recommend checking it out. 

3. Check out this pencil skirt from sportsgirl... remind you of anything?

Opinions on the sportsgirl skirt? Is it lack of creativity on their part or are they just trying to make a coveted print a little bit more affordable for us cash challenged people?

Monday, 6 August 2012


So about that outfit post.. It turns out that yesterday there were 3 rugby games on so I was down a photographer. Outcome? No outfit post. I also want to make sure that I only put quality photos on my blog from now on instead of ones from my iphone, so I have a little bit of practicing to do (that and the fact that I realized I don't really have any clothes at the moment and definitely do not have any cash to go shopping, again 'growing up problems').
I thought I would make this post about people who's style I admire and take inspiration from.

Micah Gianneli from who is an amazing blogger and stylist is someone I definitely am constantly left in awe by, she is an absolute inspiration to me. Here are a couple of my favourite looks of hers.

Also all the way on the other side of the world Juliett Kuczynksa from  who is also a lover of Blackmilk clothing (if you haven't checked them out you are missing out!!!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


I've already said that I change my mind and my look alot. But last night I took the plunge and my friend and I dyed my hair a deep mahogany brown with red and purple tinges to it. It was a very messy and at some points a hilarious experience but I think we did okay. I've never had such dark hair before and it's a very dramatic transformation I didn't recognise myself in the mirror this morning! Now I'm busy thinking up how to maximise my new look with makeup and clothing choices. Looking forward to experimenting with this one! I'm currently taking colour inspiration from Christine Centera, Miroslava Duma, Jessica Alba & Rachel Bilson.

Okay I have to cut myself off now, so many options to explore! I will try and do an outfit post tomorrow. Hope everyones having an amazing Saturday!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Things I'm Crushing On

Here are some items from Australian desginers that I'm currently totally crushing on and if I wasn't saving for rent & bond (getting older problems) would hopefully be hanging in my closet.

Shakuhachi HELLO I love you tie dye leather jacket anyone?

Also the fantastic 'robo net panel dress".

Plus all the stuff that is available for pre order love the sporty luxe & the brocade (pictured below)! Amazeballs collection!!

Cameo's amazing 'Take me over blazer' in neon pink/coral with contrast sand/nude coloured panels

Camilla & Marc's 'Courtship Dress' (pictured) as well as the pants I have previously posted about

Kookai has got me loving this tribal print dress:

And for those days when it is just too hot (quite regular up here in Northern Queensland),
Staple the label always has some awesome basics: PLUS Rachel Rutt is such a mega babe

Have to cut this post off now I could go on forever but if you haven't already, check out Friend of Mines 'Ladies do not lean against lamposts' I want the entire collection! Definitely my favourite Australian Label.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I love making a statement. Here are a few pictures that just inspire me in so many ways because they just have that "don't you dare stop looking at me" feeling.

pics from: my dress up box, daring coco, tumblr

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I change my mind alot. I switch styles, change my hair, my look, my whole persona more often than people change their underwear.. no okay thats a joke but it is very frequent. I went platinum blonde shoulder length about a month ago (pictured below) and next week im doing balayage.

I love the contrast between the light & bright....

And the dark and sultry....

I forever change my mind about everything, and that's one of the things I love about fashion, how easily you can switch it up and how you can change your entire look and express how you are feeling just by changing your clothes.