Friday, 3 August 2012

Things I'm Crushing On

Here are some items from Australian desginers that I'm currently totally crushing on and if I wasn't saving for rent & bond (getting older problems) would hopefully be hanging in my closet.

Shakuhachi HELLO I love you tie dye leather jacket anyone?

Also the fantastic 'robo net panel dress".

Plus all the stuff that is available for pre order love the sporty luxe & the brocade (pictured below)! Amazeballs collection!!

Cameo's amazing 'Take me over blazer' in neon pink/coral with contrast sand/nude coloured panels

Camilla & Marc's 'Courtship Dress' (pictured) as well as the pants I have previously posted about

Kookai has got me loving this tribal print dress:

And for those days when it is just too hot (quite regular up here in Northern Queensland),
Staple the label always has some awesome basics: PLUS Rachel Rutt is such a mega babe

Have to cut this post off now I could go on forever but if you haven't already, check out Friend of Mines 'Ladies do not lean against lamposts' I want the entire collection! Definitely my favourite Australian Label.


  1. hey, saw an old post where you were looking for this:
    thought you might wanna know

    -Darby, instagram: @dstarli2

    1. Thank you so much! Love that jumper! xx

  2. i love every piece here. especially the leather jacket. insaaane

    xx m

    1. The jacket is to die for! Unfortunately it is way way to hot up here to wear it :( xx

  3. hmm the second picture. let me of my favourites from Shakuhachi too?? ;) Friend of Mine's latest lookbook really reminds me of leather pieces from Kahlo. both are so good.


    Style Hostess

    1. Its such an amazing dress and one I can actually wear in this climate! Haha I'm already trying to justify buying it! LOVE Kahlo totally slipped my mind when writing this, amazing pieces. xx

  4. Nice items!

  5. that Shakuhachi jacket is beyond perfection!

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