Monday, 16 April 2012


So sorry for the lack of posts! I had no computer all weekend as it crashed and had to be fixed! This week I am so busy it's ridiculous! Next Wednesday I am relocating for a couple of months up north so I am very busy packing and trying to organize everything that I need to take! Here are a few photo's of the beautiful place I am off to. I promise once I am all settled in I will take lots of photo's!

So beautiful! Can't wait!!

 Because I have totally left everything to the last minute as usual I have so much stuff to do! This is my current shopping list for when you look in the wardrobe and say how do I only own one pair of denim shorts and have no appropriate shoes? So far the list looks like this:

ANY pair of one teaspoon shorts I can find that fit me I have been wanting a pair for years! Otherwise shorts that resemble this:

I have already got some tops that I will take photos of (did some sneaky shopping on Sunday) but definitely need some more.

 Skirts and maxiskirts (dreaming of these two by sass & bide!!)

The all important Arm Candy!!!! 

And I think that's pretty much it for now.... Oh and here is what I wore on Sunday sorry not the best picture! Featuring my new Minkpink reflector sunnies!!

Having coffee with my mum at Porgie & Mr Jones wearing Friend of mine dress in lilac & army shirt and that necklack that I have no idea where it came from!

Hope you all have a good week!! xx


  1. ooo love your friday inspirations Georgia =)those dip-dyed shorts are looking so stashing good. damn..the colours are just some to look, and look, and look, and to keep being looked.
    Is your new place close to the coasts? because that will be splendid !!!


    1. Thank you! I can't find shorts like that anywhere! i'll have to DIY lol umm nah my boyfriend lives way up north, so hot all year round! But yep 5 minutes away from the beach xx

  2. I think you need those sneakers for sure! Hopefully you'll have some luck in the studded shorts dept - I will keep my eyes open for ya!

    Have an awesome week!

    1. No luck in the studded shorts department i think it's DIY for sure! I still haven't gotten around to getting those shoes so disorganized!! xx

  3. Porgie & Mr.Jones= best smashed avo & feta.. and my favourite place for brunch!
    Good luck with the move- can't wait to see all you snaps! x

    1. Looooooooove Porgie & Mr Jones I have a coffee from there every morning! I have heard amazing things about this smashed avo & feta (but I don't eat avo :(.. best food though!) It's only a temporary move, can't wait to take heaps of snaps!! xx

  4. These ombre colored shorts are so pretty! I have never seen them colored and studded like that! So cool! ^_^

    We should follow each other! Are you a new blogger? Anyways. check out my blog and let me kow what you think! Lookin' forward to your visit!

    God bless