Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

Autumn is here and I'm definitely feeling the chill, so until i make my way up to sunny Queensland here are some outfit inspirations.

The Basics:

The shirt
Plain, printed, sheer, black, white or a pop of colour the shirt is an essential item in your wardrobe.
Love this sheer blue pastel shirt with printed pants
A pop of colour can brighten up your day

For extra warmth use a neck cuff as the female bow-tie so chic

Shirt collar tips or studs can take your shirt to the next level
 Leather pants
Leather skinny pants in any color, with and without texture.

Simple Black leather skinnies look fantastic with a pop of colour.

Elle Macpherson looks amazing in burgundy leather pants.

Grey leather and stripes? Can't go wrong

Christine Centenera. Enough said.

A good sweater can keep you warm while also making sure you're chic & comfortable

I love this combination of the statement sweater with leather shorts and pumps.

Erin McNaught Matches her sweater to her shoes tres chic

Tuula Vintage rocking the pastel sweater
The stunning Victoria Tornegren showing us how its done in Sweden. STYLE CRUSH

Other basic's include the simple tee, the blazer, jeans, the jacket, the coat (fur or faux depending on where you stand) and the trench.


  1. thank you! OMG i just checked out your blog, amazing I LOVE!!! definitely following you

  2. Replies
    1. thank you for visiting. i like your blog xx

  3. Oooh wow, loving all these looks, such amazing inspiration! I need to find the perfect shirt!

    1. Thank you! I need to find the perfect shirt aswell, you would think it would be easy as it's such a wardrobe staple!

  4. Replies
    1. My boyfriend lives up there so I spend alot of time up there :) love the warm weather x

  5. Those grey leather pants are AMAZING. I've never seen anything like them before!

    xx Cristina