Friday, 23 March 2012

Personal Style

Fashion is becoming less about "what's in" and more about what you want to wear. So throw the "rule book" out the window ladies. The different takes on such diverse trends going down the runway only further reinforced that there is no 'it' look. Many women partly define their identity by how they choose to dress and a lot of people's first opinions on you are largely based on how you present yourself. When I look in my wardrobe I always find myself thinking 'why did I buy this, what was I thinking?'. I think as you grow older no doubt your personal style evolves but the essence of it still remains. At 23 years old I am still trying to find myself and the image I want to portray that is me. I know what style's I will never like but still find myself swinging somewhere between relaxed boho beach chic with a bit of an edge and classic styles, I am still trying to mesh these two to complete a look that reflects who I am as a person. I know I will never be a preppy girly girl, vintage queen or dark & gothic but I am still trying to find my place in fashion that is essentially 'me'.

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